Reverse phone lookup tool will help you find out who called

Are you getting phone calls from unidentified callers that have been bothering you? Or perhaps you the call details of your partner or child printed out, and there are some suspicious entries?

Reverse phone lookup involves searching for the identity of a person by using their phone number.

While it has been around since ages, the ways to do reverse phone lookup has improved significantly with the internet.

Earlier, people used to flick the pages of phone directories. It could take a long time and there was a very probability that you would end up with no result at all.

And now you might be surprised at how the system works today. There are many places which offer you reverse phone lookup through their internet platforms.

All you have to do is visit their page and enter their numbers and viola, the owner’s name will be right there!

In either case, it helps if you know the identity of the caller. There was a time when phone directories were used for the purpose. However, now phone directories are useless (you’ll probably find them only in antique shops).

This is why you need something modern, something that can match today’s technology. And of course, if you get a few additional features, that would be like a cherry on top of the cake.

Here is the answer to all your problems- Reverse Phone Lookup. You probably haven’t heard much about it, but it is going to help you more than a friend could.

Do you keep getting phone calls from mystery callers? Do you want to be able to determine who is calling you? With a reverse phone number lookup service, you'll be able to do just that.

To help you determine which reverse phone number lookup service is the best to use, we have reviewed five of the best options. Read through our reviews, then you should be able to determine which service you want to try.

In situations where you know the name of a person, you can use Google to search for a phone number or an address for free. This can be done by typing the person's name and surname along with the zip code into Google's search bar. Let's say that you need Jane Doe's phone number. You would need to type ''jane doe 97203'' into the search bar and then hit Enter.

Conceivably, this search can bring back a phone number, address and a Google Map directions to the person's residence. This is possible only if a person whose number you are looking for has made their address publicly available.

The fact that Google doesn't have a public phone book listing anymore, doesn’t mean you can't still request a removal of your information from its directory.

Go to Google Legal Removal Requests page, click Submit a Legal Request in the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to have your information removed.

Deleting your personal information from Google's directory doesn't mean that you have removed them from elsewhere they might be stored on the Web.

Google might be powerful, but there are situations where you will have to consult some other sources to discover who is the person behind the number that has called you.

For this purpose, you will find social media and numerous free tools and websites to be pretty useful.

Until recently, Facebook was also an excellent place for doing a free reverse phone lookup. Where Google couldn't help you find a phone number associated with an individual, Facebook often could.

Unfortunately, after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook shut down this option, but it's still worthwhile mentioning how the feature worked. If a phone number was associated with an individual's Facebook profile, you would see it in the first row when typing a number into the search box. Surprisingly, it was also possible to find someone using their phone number even you're not Facebook friends or if they hid it from the public.

A setting that allowed people to be looked up by their phone number was enabled by default, although a lot of people weren't aware of this.

Of course, this feature wasn't impeccable and didn't always work as some people have disabled it and others have gotten a new number and never updated it on their Facebook account.

f all the other attempts to track down a phone number fall flat, you could try using a special reverse phone lookup service as a last resort. Good news is that most of them are free, although there are some that charge additional fees.

The essential thing to keep in mind about these tools and websites is that you should probably use more than one to confirm information. The fact is that there is a chance that the data you get this way will be outdated or wrong. Combining multiple reverse phone lookup services means that you can cross-reference the data found on them and increase the likelihood of getting the most accurate information.

Some of the free services for tracking down who the phone number belongs to are known to do more than a decent job if the Google comes up empty-handed. Here are some of the largest and the best amongst them.

This free reverse phone lookup website has been around for more than two decades and it associates a phone number with the owner's name and address if the information can be found in the phone book, which is not the case for most phone numbers.

Other freely available information are the geographical location of the place where the number is registered and the phone company associated with it. This information is accessible for both landline and cell phone numbers and can give you a reasonably good idea of who the caller is.

Nevertheless, there is one downside. You won't be able to find any information if the number is unlisted or private. Fortunately, White Pages database contains millions of registered numbers and provides a great deal of information about the source of any phone call.

An exceptionally easy-to-use interface allows you to get the results by just typing in the phone number in the search field and clicking Enter or the magnifying glass button. Note that if the number is tied to a cell phone, you will get information on the zip code and geographic area only, but for further insights, you will have to pay a premium subscription fee.

What Can You Do With A Reverse Phone Lookup

You might be thinking that the reverse phone lookup is only limited to knowing someone’s identity through their phone number. However, the reality is that it can do so much more. Some of the reverse phone lookup services can open the person’s entire life in front of you.

A phone number search is a simple way to know whose number is this by typing in the phone number to a search engine or directory to find listings that are returned for a landline or cell phone number. These number to name services may also be referred to as a gray pages directory or a criss-cross directory. Unlike standard telephone directories, users don't search using customer details such as a name or address to retrieve the telephone number for a person or business, but rather they search using a telephone number to then get the owner's information.

Originally in the United States, printed reverse phone directories were produced by telephone service providers themselves and were often given to law enforcement, phone companies, and even some public libraries as references. Nowadays, these printed directories have become obsolete as technology has advanced significantly and now most of this information is aggregated online to be searched and found via the internet.

Our database allows you to easily lookup the owner of any landline number or mobile phone for entirely free and no fees whatsoever. Our reverse phone lookup has never been easier for users to use. Our phone search allows you to identify an unknown caller using our site's compiled number lookup database. We scour through hundreds of thousands of records to be sure that we return the real person or business who owns a phone number. is entirely free and does not cost anything to use. Find out carrier info, use it to people search by number, and even get details about locations of an area code.

Some of the things that a reverse phone lookup service can do for you are:

Missed Caller Identity:
You might use reverse phone lookup just to check the identity of someone who called you. Their phone might not be available anymore and reverse phone lookup will give you ways to contact them. At times, you can know the identity of callers who are bothering you.

Background Checks:
Through some of these reverse phone lookup services, you can get a complete background check of the person. You will know their criminal record and any other interesting revelations. This is particularly helpful in cases like where you wish to employ someone for your company.

Public Records:
Reverse phone lookups can even give you the public records of a person. You will know the properties they are holding and any other assets that might interest you.

Address Finder:
You can use reverse phone lookup services to find the address of a person. Once you know their identity, some of these services can find the addresses linked to that identity.

Social Media Information:
You can even get complete social media information about the person like their various social media accounts on different platforms. All this just through using their number to search for them.

Since there are many such services available, it can be confusing to decide which one to use. This is why I have created a list of top 5 reverse phone lookup engines that work completely free!

Feel free to go through these and choose anyone that you like based upon my review. I have taken time to research and examine each of these.

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    Weird call. Man called asking for my brother. Later I found out that this number is associated to Tony Topolski in Wyoming ,MI. This guy is dressing up as a woman and stalking my brother.
  • 616-633-9705
    Weird call. Man called asking for my brother. Later I found out that this number is associated to Tony Topolski in Wyoming ,MI. This guy is dressing up as a woman and stalking my brother.
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    Chicago Process Servers 70 West Madison Street, Ste. 1400 Chicago, Illinois 60602-4270 U.S.A. 24/7 Tel: 312.989.6070
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    They called and hung up on me after I answered. I called back and voice mail said Brian Courage (sp?). I told them thanks for hanging up on me and don’t ever call me again.
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    Auto call wanting me to press one and enter credit card info to lower my rates. Total scam. Live in Battleground in an ugly yellow house. Search brings up the name Sydney and the address.
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    I keep getting calls with someone using my deceased sisters name asking if I need health care? Vey very cruel. Essocailky considering she went into kaiser addicted to legal pain meds and they pushed her over with fentynl and I had to give legal ok to pull her plug. People are very cruel Very very cruel.
  • 716-553-2550
    Called about credit card debt. Pressed 3 to be added to the do not call list. Was transferred to a person. They continued to tell me no and wouldn’t say anything else.
  • 850-982-6344
    James Michael Hill owns this number. He is a con man using construction as his trade. He took $1500 from us, never finished the job and stole my washer and dryer when we weren't home. He uses the name (Jamey) or Gulf Coast Home and/or RV Repair. His wife was covered in marks and we think he was on drugs.
  • 202-463-8081
    Once again your program told me the same thing my cell phone told me. I am going to try this program for a month or so and the way it looks cancel it. So for it does not give you anything about who owns a car or cell phone.
  • 612-325-9046
    Called and left no message. Daily calls from numbers starting with 612-325... but different last 4 numbers.
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  • 910-548-2381
    This number tries to FaceTime me. When i texted them to find out who it was they said “your new friend” I am too scared to call them and confront them. My boyfriend has tried several times but they never answer.
  • 910-548-2381
    This number tries to FaceTime me. When i texted them to find out who it was they said “your new friend” I am too scared to call them and confront them. My boyfriend has tried several times but they never answer.
  • 540-903-5342
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    I already knew everything you gave me. So far you are falling right in line with search America or what ever the other program I was trying when I canceled it and trying your's.
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